Mark Harper was forty six, he was in love but not with his wife. He was in love with his daughter Tayler who was twenty four.

He had never meant for it to happen. He’d never wanted to be like those sick perverts. He’d always detested incest. That is, until he’d made love with Tayler.

It had began one weekend when his wife Elaine had gone out of town on a girl’s weekend with some of her friends last fall. He’d invited Tayler to spend the weekend with him, spend some father daughter time together. He’d missed her while she had been away at college the past few years. She’d moved back a few months before but she’d been working a lot at her new job. Her family visits consisted of two hours on Thursday night to do laundry.

He figured they could watch movies, order take out, play board games and talk like they had when she was a girl. She had been thrilled with the offer when he called. She’d agreed to take the weekend off for their father daughter slumber party.

On Friday morning, he’d seen his wife off, picked up the house and ran errands. He’d gone to the video store and picked out a few old movies, then to the grocery store for her favorite snacks and soda. He’d then picked up a few beers for him and a bottle of wine for her. She’d be over for supper around seven.

He went up to his room and picked up the bedroom, even making the bed. Then he’d taken a shower and dressed in comfortable pajamas, silk with a wife beater underneath and the top unbuttoned. It was the first night, movie night. He went down to the kitchen and ordered her favorite pizza place’s meat pizza and cheesy bread sticks.

She got home just before the pizza man arrived. She came in smelling of roses, freshly showered and dressed in her own pajamas. A thin red tank top with hearts covering it and red satin pants to match. She wore cute red slippers that looked like flip flops. Her toes and fingers were painted red to match and her hair was braided in pigtails. The same way she’d worn it as a kid.

She tossed her bags in her old room and made it back downstairs just as the food arrived. They ate and caught up on the past few weeks gossip, laughing and joking. It was nice being together and having fun. Her smile showed him she was truly happy with her life and that made him truly happy.

After they’d finished off their dinner, he went and popped a big bowl of homemade popcorn and added his special seasonings. They flopped down together on the couch, the popcorn between them.

The movie he’d chosen was E.T. She’d loved that movie as a kid and he’d loved watching it with her every year on her birthday til she was ten.

Soon the movie started and she moved the bowl and curled up beside him. She had gotten a blanket from the hall trunk and draped it across her legs. Her arms still had goosebumps though.

After he felt her watching him for almost ten minutes, he looked down to her. She was smiling up at him, her grinned almost angelic. He knew at that moment he could never let another man have her. She looked as innocent and perfect as any woman he’d ever seen.

Her blonde hair and baby blue eyes, her skin was flawless and her lips were crimson and she wasn’t even wearing lipstick. Her eyes were locked with his and she felt the electricity too. She later told him that he was so handsome, she’d almost orgasmed right then. She could imagine their lips touching and his fingers caressing her body. He’d came as she’d stroked him one night while she’d told him this. That however is a different story of a different time.

That night, she had reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She’d pulled his face down to hers and pressed her lips against his. Her tongue had flickered across his lips and he’d parted them to let her explore his mouth. She’d ran her fingers in his hair and cupped his chin in her hand.

When they’d parted, his heart almost stopped. He couldn’t do this, not with his own daughter. She was innocent and he had to keep her innocent. He felt lucky that it had only been a kiss and nothing more. That could be overlooked if they didn’t go any further and never let it happen again.

She had protested when he’d tried to stop it, “Daddy, atleast listen to me first. I’m in love with you. I have been in love with you since I was eighteen years old. I can’t wait another day.”

He still kept his guard up, he knew it was wrong and couldn’t allow it, “Baby, I’m sorry. That just isn’t…We just can’t.”

She had argued more, “Yes we can Daddy. We’ll be careful, we’ll keep it a secret and we can spend more father/daughter time together, no one will ever find out.”

“You just don’t get it Tayler. If someone finds out, we’ll be in a lot of trouble. I’ll be in a lot of trouble. Our careers, our lives, our family. What about your mother? I can’t hurt her. It isn’t right.”

She wouldn’t stop, she kept up her reasoning, “I can’t be without you another day. I’ve been avoiding this place, I can’t come here and be around you if you never kiss me like that again. If you never make love to me Daddy. I quit coming over so often because I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve thought of climbing into bed with you while you’re napping and mom goes over to Aunt Sue’s on Friday nights. I am in love with you Daddy.”

His breath became rapid, rushed. She was making him so hot, “Oh sweetie, it’s not that easy. I just…It just wouldn’t be right.”

“Please Daddy, I know mama doesn’t have sex with you often enough and I know you jack off. I’ve seen you sneak off and come out of the basement or garage with a big grin. Hell, one day I hid in your car and watched you. I could imagine myself sucking you off. Your cock is so beautiful, I can’t wait to have it inside me.”

“You…you…you watched me? What happened to privacy?” he stammered.

She grinned, “Pretty please Daddy, just for the weekend. If you don’t like it, I won’t pressure you. We’ll have a nice romantic weekend and if anything makes you uncomfortable, I promise, I’ll stop.”

He was about to give in, “Oh Tayler, you’ve always had me wrapped around my finger.”

She jumped up and down, grinning wide, “Does that mean you’ll do it?”

He sighed, “I’ll atleast give it a try Tayler. Don’t expect anything sexual though, I can’t make promises. I’m not comfortable with that.”

She laughed, “Can we kiss then? Please??? I love kissing you Daddy!”

He relented, they settled back on the sofa, her laying beside him. She was nestled against his side, their chests touching, his arm around her. She hooked her leg up over his thigh and linked her arms around his neck. She pulled him down to her again and the magic began.

Their kisses were like fire, igniting passion and need inside of them both. He craddled her chin and used his tongue to make love to her mouth. She played with his hair, teasing his ears and rubbing her nose gently against his.

All the heat between them got to be a lot, so he tugged his shirt off. His bare chest, so muscular and tan was now pressed against her shirt. The heat from their skin like they were on fire, making the temperature rise in the room. He pulled her shirt up and over her head, tossing it on the floor. She had on a red silk push up bra between them, the rest of her skin touching his.

She moaned against his lips, sticking her tongue between his parted lips to tangle with his. She ran her hands over his chest, massaging and caressing the muscles he had there. She ran her hands further down to his rock hard abs, she teased him by running her hands down over the trail of hair to the band of his pants. Slipping her fingers underneath it, flittering along his private area.

He slowed down the pace, excusing himself to the bathroom. She could here him flush after a minute or two and head to the kitchen. He grabbed himself a beer and chugged it down. Popping a mint into his mouth, he then went back to her.

By now, she had slipped off the pants she’d been wearing. She revealed a matching pair of panties. He picked her up in his arms, carrying her up the stairs. She giggled and kissed his neck. They made it to the top step and he asked, “Which room? Lead the way!”

She laughed and pointed straight to the end of the hall. His bedroom, the one he shared with her mother. He knew if he was going make her his, he’d have to do it where he’d first made Elaine his too. He couldn’t believe he was about to fuck his daughter and he was still thinking about her mother. He couldn’t believe he had let it go this far. He kept thinking it would just be tried out for the weekend and she’d go home and go back to avoiding the house. He didn’t think anything would become of the weekend.

She pushed the door open when they got there. He lay her on the big fluffy comforter that covered the bed. She pulled him down with her, he landed on top of her. Their skin was touching all over, she was tightening her grip on him. Their kisses were harder, their passion greater.

He kissed down her stomach, trailing the curves of her breasts down to the flatness of her abs. He tickled her belly button with his tongue and made his way to her panties. He kissed all over her all over, the thin fabric silky on her softest parts. She was begging, wanting him inside of her immediately.

He wouldn’t give in though, he still wanted this night to last. Even though this weekend had just begun, he wanted to make it last.

He pulled the panties aside, revealing her soft, bare pussy. His little lady was waxed. “Did you do this for Daddy sweetie?”

She giggled, “Yes Daddy, I wanted you to taste your little girl. I wanted to feel your tongue on my cunt and cum in your mouth!”

He breathed in her scent, knowing he was about to taste his daughter’s juicy cunt made cum dribble from his cock. He had to hold off, he wanted her so badly, but he wanted to make their first time last.

He ran his tongue from her clit to her ass and back. She was squirming already. Her pussy wet and ready for him.

He tugged her panties down to her ankles. When she lay naked before him, he pushed her legs up on his shoulders and dove into her succulent cunt. He teased her and taunted her clit with his tongue. He nibbled and sucked on the tenderness, she groaned and pressed her pussy up against his mouth. He flickered his tongue across her tender nub, exposing himself to her juice. She soaked his face, leaving her taste all over him.

He couldn’t imagine anything better. His face buried in the warmth of her tender, juicy pussy. She lay almost naked beneath him. His only thought was that he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

Before long she’d cum again and again, leaving the bed beneath her soaked of her juices. She sighed and pulled him up to her. She kissed him so deeply and with such passion. The hardness of his cock was about to burst out of his pants.

She rolled them over, she was on top of him now. Stripping the bra off her, she revealed the pink nubs she had on each side. Hard and needing sucked on. He licked her nipples, sucking each one into his mouth. Massaging it with his tongue and then releasing it to tease the other.

She needed him inside her, she begged him to relieve the building orgasm she couldn’t quite get past. He would have done anything for her at that moment.

He stood before her, dropping his pants to the floor. His cock sprung up, almost slapping her cheek. She had knelt on the side of the bed, leaning over to lick the head of his cock. She felt so nice, her warm lips, her sweet mouth, sucking his cock in and out of her mouth.

She got brave, shoving all of it deep into her throat. He almost shot her throat full of cum right there. She cupped his balls, teasing his taint with her fingernails. He could feel her finger just outside his asshole, massaging his prostate. He could feel the cum welling inside him. She tugged at his balls, pressing her finger closer to his asshole. He grabbed her head, pushing her further down on him.

She looked up at him, his dick shoved down her throat. He wished he’d had a camera, a video camera actually. He mentally recorded this moment. He needed, wanted to remember it for the rest of his life. She looked so sweet, so innocent sucking him off. His cock filled her mouth, his balls slapping off her chin. She was gagging, but she refused to give up. Water welled in her eyes, tears streamed down her face. He about splattered cum on her face as she released him.

She turned herself on the bed, spreading her ass wide, showing off her pink cunt. She leaned further over, shoving her ass high into the air for him to have his way with.

He moved closer to the bed, his cock head touching the opening of her pussy. She grinded her ass back against him, but he didn’t enter her yet. He slid against her, his cock rubbing and sliding over her wet cunt. He leaned over, grabbing her breasts in his hands. He teased her, rubbing his head over her swollen clit. Over and over, she was begging him now.

“Please Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me so hard! I want you inside of me, please don’t make me wait any longer Daddy!”

His cock swollen and hard, her pussy wet and tight. He slid his cock into her, first just the head. Then he worked the shaft in, deeper and deeper. Finally he could feel himself banging her insides. He pumped and pumped, she gyrated her hips. Slamming her cunt down on his cock. He gripped her hips, controlling their motions. He didn’t want to waist this moment.

She spread her legs wider, letting him in further. She was stretching and he could feel how tight she really was. She hadn’t been a virgin, but she hadn’t had a cock as big as his before either.

She was moaning, screaming out, “Daddy, yes!! Fuck me, Daddy! I want you to fill me with your cum!”

He slowed his motions, letting his cock slip out of her. She pouted, “What was that? I haven’t cum on your cock yet! Finish fucking me Daddy!”

He pulled her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his hips, tightening her legs around his waist. He pressed her back against the door frame, entering her again. She slid down on his pole, taking him inside of her again. Their lips met and their bodies pulsed together.

She dug her nails into his back, he left sucker bites on her neck and chest. His teeth marks were on her chest and hers were on his shoulders. He lifted her then slid her back down, the friction between them building. She called out, “Daddy, I’m going to explode. I want you to cum with me.”

He was ready for release, she held onto his shoulders. Not wanting to miss a beat, she gripped him tightly, holding his cock inside her. She gripped it with her vaginal muscles.

“Ready baby? Daddy’s going to fill his sexy lover up with his cum!”

He pressed into her another time or two, his moans got louder, “Fuck! Fuck yeah! I’m cumming baby, Daddy’s cumming in you! He’s going to fill your pussy with his cuuuuummmmm!”

She came too, shaking with pleasure. She cried out, “Oh, Yes Daddy! I’m cumming too!”

She quivered and finally rested against his strong body. He kissed her neck then her cheek before finding her lips.

He let go long enough to say, “Daddy’s little sex toy better get some rest. I’ll be ready again in about twenty minutes. I hope you liked fucking Daddy, because you can’t stop me now. I’ll be fucking you as often as I can!”

She smiled and looked into his eyes, “I’m all yours Daddy, you can fuck me anytime, I’ll suck you off when we can’t fuck. It’s our little secret!”

Their little Father/Daughter weekend was just beginning and it was more than they’d either one ever dreamed of!

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